Setakim was established to make special productions for chemicals for the cable and plastics industry. We carry out special productions for the needs of many manufacturers in the sector with our long years of experience and R&D investments. In our production facility, which is established on a total area of ​​15000 m², 7000 m² open area and 8000 m² closed area, we offer innovative and optimum products to many manufacturers as well as producing fast solutions for different demands in the market we target.

Today, we are the supplier of the leading companies in the sector thanks to our entrepreneurial team and customer satisfaction-oriented production policy with more than 200 products. Setakim works with all its might to contribute to the sustainable development of our country without compromising its values. In order to contribute to the needs of the sector and the national economy, it continues to produce quality goods and services and make new investments.

We are proud of being included in the TOBB Turkey 100 List, which is organized by TOBB, which lists the 100 fastest growing companies in Turkey, for 2 years.
– 2020 – 100th place
– 2021 – 56th place



Our mission is to meet the demands and expectations of our customers as soon as possible and at the highest level by improving our product and service quality, to become a leading company at home and abroad, and to increase our competitiveness and profitability.



With our innovative, rational, scientific, principled and responsible approach, we aim to increase the efficiency and efficiency of our company in both national and international Sundays and to rise to the position of a leading company that is constantly developing its own methods in the sector.



To mention the issues that we have adopted as our basic environmental policy as Setakim;

Fulfilling all legal obligations related to the environment,

To minimize the negative effects of all our activities on the environment for a sustainable future,

To provide continuous training to our employees in order to create environmental awareness and gain individual responsibility,

To increase our environmental protection performance by cooperating with our friends with whom we share the same environment.