PE-based slip masterbatch: Provides lubricity by reducing the friction coefficient in single-layer or multi-layer applications. Usage rate 1-3%. Active odds from 2.5 to 10.

PE, PPH based anti-block masterbatch: It prevents interlayer clogging in Cast and Blown film applications. It does not spoil the transparency, haze, color and brightness of the film. Polyolefin films tend to stick together during processing due to electrostatic charges, temperature and pressure. To prevent layers from sticking; Particulate matter is added to the film in a highly diluted concentration. A micro-rough surface is created and the contact area of ​​the film layers is minimized. Usage rate: 1-3%. Active rate from 5 to 60.

PE, PPH-based antioxidant: Antioxidants are additives used to combat degradation in polymers. They are used in the final product to minimize degradation of polymers due to process and environmental influences. Usage rate: 1-3%. Active rate: 10 to 20

PE, PPH based antistatic: It prevents static electricity of polymers during and after the process and dusting on the products for a certain period of time. Usage rate: 1-3%. Active rate: 5 to 15

PE-based UV: It is produced to protect the structure and appearance of polymers by creating resistance to UV rays. The usage rate varies depending on the aging time. Active rate: 10 to 16

PE, PPH-based PPA: It reduces the friction and melt breaking effects of polymers during the process. It provides lower mold pressure and energy savings and offers surface hardness as well as brightness in the final product. Active rate: 2.5 – 10

PE, PPH based Antifogging: It prevents fogging on the film surfaces and increases the light transmittance by transforming the water droplets accumulated on the film surface into a continuous, homogeneous and transparent water layer. It is suitable for use on PE, EVA-PP and PVC films. Active rate: 15

PE-based optical brightener: Increases the whiteness effect of polymers. It can also be used as a cleaner and polisher. Usage rate: 1-3%. Active rate: 0.35 – 2

PE based odor absorber: It is used to absorb odors especially in recycling applications. Active rate: 10

PE based fragrance masterbatch: Used in scented end product applications. The main products are lemon, vanilla, lavender, ocean and strawberry fragrances. Active rate: 10

PE-based nucleating masterbatch: It is used as cell builder and cell regulator in XPS and PP products in cellular structures. The usage rate varies according to the density of the final product to be produced. Active rate: 60

PE-based infrared transmitting (IR) masterbatch: It provides the control of the climatic conditions inside the greenhouses. By blocking the heat reflected from the ground in greenhouse applications, it ensures that the heat accumulated during the day is preserved throughout the night. Active ratio: 60 to 70

Polymer blend based blowing masterbatch: Active ratio 40

Cling masterbatch: It is used in greenhouse, industrial and domestic stretch films and to add stickiness.

PE-based antigas masterbatch: It is used to remove moisture and gas formed in the recycling of plastics. It is available in powder and granule form.