News From Us

As Setakim, which set out with an understanding of unlimited process diversity and applicability, our products are used wherever plastic is found; from corrugated pipes to car parts, from medical masks to PVC cables, from telecommunication cables to shampoo bottles, from food and beverage containers to agricultural silage films, from garbage bags to corrugated HDPE drainage pipes, from PE – PP fittings to PE100 HDPE clean water pipes, from PE drip pipe to detergent bottle, from ketchup bottle to motor It is used to color many products from oil cans, XPS foam to plate, BCF yarn to garden furniture, electrical appliances to eating and drinking containers.

  • We will be honored to host our valuable visitors with our newest products and latest developments at PlastPol 2023, PlastOnline 2023 and PlastEurasia 2023 fairs, which are the leading fairs of the plastics industry in Europe.

  • We are proud of being included in the TOBB Turkey 100 List, which is organized by TOBB, which lists the 100 fastest growing companies in Turkey, for 2 years.
    – 2020 – 100th place
    – 2021 – 56th place

  • New machine line for white masterbatch production.. In order to meet the increasing demands quickly, we expanded and renewed our white masterbatch machine line.

  • We took our place in 2022 Plast Eurasia, the biggest fair of Eurasia. Setakim will continue to work resolutely to improve business relations. We are honored to welcome you, our esteemed business partners, at our stand.