Paste Paints for PVC

Setakim Paste Paints are non-solid, gel-like paints with high covering power. They are used as colorants in the production of PVC-based granules, cable sheaths, suppositories, hoses, membranes, artificial leather, pipes and soles.

  • Eliminate the operational pollution caused by dust coating.
  • Have a phthalate-free structure.
  • It has low conductivity.
  • Provides excellent coverage due to homogeneous distribution.
  • Provides high light fastness.
  • It puts an end to problems such as granularity, acne and roughness that occur on the surface of the final product.
  • Special capsule bags, the amount of which is predetermined for each batch by determining the mixer capacity and the dye ratio required by the customer, are offered to be 1 per charge. In addition, it is also offered for sale in the form of a 25-kilogram bucket. In this way, it provides easy and error-free dosing.