Our laboratory; It consists of 3 main sections under the headings of Input ControlFinal Product Approval and R&D Studies. One of the most important elements of the production phase is Quality Control. Each product we produce is subjected to quality control tests and the approval stage is passed, and separate documentation work is carried out for each product.

Our products, which pass the Quality Control stage, enter the approval process by controlling all values ​​in the Final Product Approval section, and are approved by our laboratory team to be ready for delivery and sent to our customers.

Setakim Laboratory has a wide range of colors, and we are constantly conducting R&D studies in our laboratory in order to respond to all demands. We attach importance to R&D studies for our goal of minimizing the number of works to be done in order to meet the desired color demand.

Quality Tests and Test Standards

As Setakim, we produce the most efficient and eye-catching color and black masterbatches & the most effective additives. Working exclusively in our laboratory, we produce fully synthetic telecommunication cable gels. We provide superior dispersion in paste paints pvc applications that we produce with our expert team. Also injection, film, molding, blow molding etc. We produce cost-effective masterbatches suitable for many processes. We are happy to serve all our current and potential plastic and cable manufacturer customers with our ethical values on environmental awareness, fast customer feedback, and our team working with team spirit.